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“Quality is taken care of…”

Steve Carey, P.R.M./Repair Station Manager: PAG-Canada PAG COMPONENT SERVICES "When people radiate a certain level of contentment with their employer..." Steve Carey was well-versed in aviation when he joined Precision Accessories & Instruments (PAI) in Vancouver,...

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A Craftsman’s Passion for Design & Functionality

Nishan Bostanian, General Manager - EDN Aviation PAG MANUFACTURING / DER SERVICES “Our goal is to manufacture 100% functioning products with no issues, every time…” “Our goal is to manufacture 100% functioning products with no issues, every time,” said Nishan...

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In Perfect Step: Landing Gear Safety

...safe takeoffs and landings require each set to function in perfect step with the others. Landing gear is comprised of essential components working together to support the aircraft during ground operations. Gear sets are meticulously designed and engineered for...

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Aviation DERs: Engineers of Airborne Integrity

Much like engineers ensure the structural integrity of buildings, Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) uphold the integrity and reliability of airborne vehicles and systems. Aviation DERs are highly specialized professionals appointed by civil aviation...

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“PAG Blue Can Do”

Bryce English - Repair Station Manager, PAG - ATLANTA PAG COMPONENT SERVICES “I grew up surrounded by aviation in a military environment. My father started repairing Avionics for C-141, C130, C-5, and C-17’s while stationed at Ramstein Airforce Base, Germany....

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Staying in Control: Flight-Ready Avionics

Seamless inter-operability between electrical systems is vital for flight safety. Aircraft Avionics - GPS Avionics, a literal blend of the terms "aviation" and "electronics," are the electronic instruments, components, and systems used on fixed- and rotor-wing...

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Flight-Ready Engines: MAINTENANCE FIRST

AIRCRAFT ENGINE OVERHAUL — THE ENDS AND OUTS PT6 Engine Overhaul Regular engine overhaul is fundamental to the successful and safe operation of fixed- and rotor-wing aircraft across all aviation sectors. In addition to line maintenance, base inspections, and...

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Maintenance Minute

About the author: Mark Tyler dedicated the majority of his
career to serving the helicopter EMS community, from base
mechanic to director of maintenance. As vice president and
general manager of Precision Aircraft Services, Tyler now serves
helicopter operators from many sectors, including air ambulance,
law enforcement, private owners, etc. When not at work, he can
be found spending time with his family or sitting in a tree stand.

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