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24/7 AOG Support

Call now: 404.218.5777

PAG’s global presence is perfectly complemented by our 24/7 AOG support for mission-critical operators. A key advantage for PAG customers is their access to expert AOG support throughout the night and early morning hours, regardless of time zone. PAG’s third shift also focuses on building customer relationships in growth regions such as Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Get Off the Ground

PAG customers enjoy access to:

Delivering the right part to the right place at the right time is pivotal to PAG’s business, and we are proud of our extensive freight and logistic operations. With our partners FedEx, DHL and UPS, we handle in excess of 2,600 inbound and outbound shipments weekly. Our sales and customer support teams work closely together to manage customer AOG’s around the clock.

Avionics Services

Sales executives answer the phone 24/7/365 with response times under five minutes.

Consistent Component Availbility

Strategically located inventory with guaranteed availability.

Single-source Solutions

Broad product offerings to help leverage annual spend and fleet support.

Global Logistics and Distribution Support

23 locations worldwide available to ship parts in two hours or less.

Challenges of AOG

When an aircraft is grounded, it leads to significant operational and financial challenges. An Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situation disrupts schedules, incurs financial losses, and impacts passenger satisfaction and cargo delivery. Immediate access to the right parts and maintenance services is crucial to minimize downtime and quickly resolve AOG issues.

Relying on Experts for AOG Support


In AOG situations, businesses need a reliable partner to minimize downtime and avoid costly delays. PAG offers unmatched expertise and rapid response to swiftly restore operations. Our 24/7 availability ensures that the necessary parts and emergency maintenance are provided whenever and wherever needed. With PAG, businesses can trust that their aircraft will receive the highest level of care and efficiency, making us the dependable partner to handle any AOG challenges effectively.

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24/7/365 World Class Support

Initiating assistance from PAG’s dedicated AOG support team is straightforward and efficient. A simple call to our AOG phone number, 404.218.5777, connects you with our experts who are ready to assess your needs and dispatch the necessary parts and services immediately, at any time beyond normal operating hours.

Comprehensive AOG Solutions Suite

PAG offers a full suite of AOG solutions, including expert maintenance and repair services. Our MRO expertise ensures that any unscheduled maintenance needs are addressed with precision and efficiency, helping you meet all regulatory and safety requirements.

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Global Reach and Unparalleled Support


With a global network of facilities and partners, PAG provides swift AOG support anywhere in the world. Our extensive reach ensures that you receive the service you need, regardless of your location. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide 24/7 live support, offering immediate access to a real person who can address your needs.

Use Precision Aviation Group AOG

Contact Precision Aviation Group today by calling our 24/7/365 AOG phone number for immediate assistance or to learn more about our comprehensive aviation solutions. Visit our service center or reach out via email for additional information.

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