“PAG Blue Can Do”

June 24, 2024

Bryce English – Repair Station Manager, PAG – ATLANTA


“I grew up surrounded by aviation in a military environment. My father started repairing Avionics for C-141, C130, C-5, and C-17’s while stationed at Ramstein Airforce Base, Germany. Throughout the years he continued…

“I grew up surrounded by aviation in a military environment (right). My father (left) started repairing Avionics for C-141, C130, C-5, and C-17’s while stationed at Ramstein Airforce Base, Germany. Throughout the years he continued to support the DOD working as a civil service employee doing corrosion control paint, electronics, building circuit cards, and present-day Avionics and Quality Assurance for C-17’s. Being something of a military brat and curious about what he was doing, I would spend time with him in his workstation, fascinated by how things work inside and out,” said Bryce.

“As I grew older and tried various jobs, in the back of my mind I knew I always I loved working with my hands. In 2016, while talking with Justin Bone (now Sales Operations Manager), he asked what I liked to do. Justin suggested that PAG’s technician on-the-job training might be what I was looking for. I interviewed with David Scarbrough and Brandon Yarbrough (now Director – Repair Station Safety & Compliance, and Accountable Manager respectively).

“I was initially hired into the instrument shop and trained by David and several other master technicians. It was challenging, but I learned something new every day. I will always remember David telling me to imagine a friend or family member getting on the aircraft these units are installed on—which spoke volumes to me.

“That mindset helped develop the strong quality standards PAG strives for. It was something I wanted to be a part of. And whenever I think I’ve seen it all, new challenges come along. Sometimes that can be the most interesting aspect of the job, especially if we create solutions that expand PAG’s capabilities.

“We are encouraged to continue our professional development, including more training and more capabilities. It’s a strong aspect of PAG’s culture and a smart foundation for growth. I became a Quality Monitor in 2019 and obtained my repairman license in 2021. In early 2023, I became an Engineering Assistant ensuring all test equipment was up-to-date and performing within guidelines. In September of 2023, I was promoted to Repair Station Manager. My role today is monitoring production, taking care of our technicians, and providing customer status updates while ensuring we remain compliant within the FAR’s.

“I’ve learned a lot from PAG’s company leaders but what stands out is what I’ve heard them say over the years, ‘PAG Blue Can Do’.  This can-do attitude is instilled in our team leads and technicians. We strive to deliver exceptional turn times while maintaining quality, even while producing at high volumes. That’s just one example of how we create value for our customers,” Bryce concluded.

─ The PAG Insider

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