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The starter generator, part number 524-031, plays a vital role in the aircraft’s electrical system. It serves a dual purpose, starting the aircraft’s engine and generating electrical power to support onboard systems during flight. The starter generator ensures reliable engine starts and provides continuous power supply to critical avionics, lighting, and other electrical components throughout the flight. Its robust design and performance are essential for maintaining the aircraft’s operational readiness.

PAG offers comprehensive support for starter generators like the 524-031, including regular maintenance, emergency repairs, and complete overhauls. Our expert technicians ensure that each starter generator operates efficiently and reliably, meeting the highest standards of performance and safety.


  • Airbus Helicopter
  • Airbus Helicopter
  • AS365 Dauphin
  • Airbus Helicopter
  • H120
  • Airbus Helicopter H155
  • Eurocopter EC120
  • Eurocopter EC155
  • Part Number: 524-031
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