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Starter Generators

Our Component services division offers a broad range of Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) and supply chain services strategically located to meet you where you need us. With unlimited in-house capabilities for overhauling components, our customers experience cost-effective services with limited downtime. PAG’s component services division covers services for Starter Generators, Landing Gears, Wheels & Brakes, and more.

Starter Generators

Starter Generator maintenance is essential for a smooth-flying aircraft. A properly maintained starter generator helps to increase the longevity of the part and reduce operating costs. Our Authorized Repair Centers (ARCs) are OEM approved, providing Safran, Skurka, and Thales Starter Generator MRO services.

To prevent damage and premature failure of your starter generator, be sure the friction system is aligned. Failure to do so can cause extreme vibration and shaft damage. Additionally, you need to protect the O-ring from damage during installation. Oil entering the unit will cause a carbon buildup and short circuit the unit.

Tips to extend longevity and lower operating costs:

  • Inspect the unit at 100-hour intervals.
  • Blow out carbon dust at each inspection.
  • Keep air inlet clean and clear of debris.
  • Allow sufficient time for the unit to cool between operating and starting cycles. 
  • Do not use the unit to turn the engine during maintenance for any reason other than starting the aircraft.
  • Use a Ground Power Unit whenever possible (to preserve igniters and minimize unit engagement).
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