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ACR Artex Lithium 452-0133 is a high-performance emergency locator transmitter (ELT) battery designed specifically for aviation applications. It is compatible with a wide range of ELT models and provides reliable power to ensure continuous operation of the ELT in case of an emergency. This battery provides high energy density, a 5-year shelf life, and improved performance in extreme temperatures. These batteries are designed with the precision and compactness required for aircraft rescue operations.

Batteries must be replaced after one hour of cumulative use or when 50 percent of their usable life has expired. Must be inspected every 12 calendar months. Expiration date for replacing (or recharging) the battery must be legibly marked on the outside of the transmitter and entered in the aircraft maintenance record.

The Artex 452-0133 lithium ELT battery pack is used on C406-1, C406-2, C406-3, B406-1, B406-2, B406-4, 110-406 and 110-406NAV ELT units, including all HM model variants.

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  • Part Number: 452-0133
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