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Ignition Exciter Unit

The ignition exciter unit, part number 10-381550-4, is crucial for reliable engine starts under all operating conditions. This component is part of the excitation system that converts electrical energy into high-voltage sparks necessary for igniting the fuel-air mixture in turbine engines. Manufactured with solid-state technology, this ignition exciter offers higher energy output and enhanced reliability compared to other models, making it an essential choice for various aircraft engines. The unit’s solid-state technology enhances its reliability and energy output, making it a critical component in maintaining engine efficiency and performance. Regular maintenance and inspections ensure that the ignition exciter unit operates at peak efficiency, providing reliable starts and contributing to the overall performance and safety of the aircraft’s engine system.

PAG provides comprehensive maintenance and repair services for components like the 10-381550-4 ignition exciter unit, ensuring high reliability and performance under all operating conditions. Our services are designed to keep this crucial component functioning at its best, with periodic updates and adjustments based on the latest industry standards and technological advances. Trust PAG to maintain your ignition system’s efficiency and safety, contributing to overall aircraft performance and reliability.

  • Part Number: 10-381550-4
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