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The 23048-016 is a high-performance DC starter generator designed specifically for aircraft applications, including turboprop aircraft used in both commercial and military operations. It provides the necessary torque for engine starting and seamlessly transitions to generate electrical power after the engine is running. This starter generator is equipped with a dual-release tag, ensuring compatibility and reliability across various aircraft models.  As a versatile rotable component, the 23048-016 is mechanically driven by the engine or Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to deliver a reliable start function and stable power generation. Its air-cooled design is crafted to handle the thermal demands of continuous operation, typically providing 28 VDC power across a defined load range. Regular maintenance and calibration are essential to sustain its performance standards and operational safety.

PAG offers extensive support for components 23048-016 starter generator, with services designed to maximize efficiency and extend its operational life. Our maintenance solutions include routine checks, detailed diagnostics, and repairs, all conducted under the strictest aerospace standards. By partnering with PAG, operators benefit from a reliable service that keeps their starter generators in top condition, ensuring efficient performance across a wide range of aircraft applications.


  • King Air 200, B200

Serials: B0734-B0734, B0793-B0793, B0829-B0829, B0854-B0870, B0874-B0891, B0894-B0911, B0913-B9999, L0037-L9999, N0002-N9999, T0023-T0027, T0029-T9999

  • King Air C90, C90A, C90GT, E90, C90GTi, C90GTx

Serials: LJ-0502 to LJ-1110

  • Part Number: 23048-016
  • Expected to Deliver: As Soon As Tomorrow
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