16305 | Aircraft Static Discharger | PAG Static Wicks

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16305 | Aircraft Static Discharger | PAG Static Wicks

Ensure optimal performance and safety in your aircraft’s electrical systems with the discharger, part number 16305, a critical component designed for efficient operation within the aerospace industry. This discharger is engineered to manage electrical overloads and protect sensitive avionics by safely dispersing excess voltage, ensuring the longevity and reliability of onboard electrical systems. Manufactured per the manufacturer’s parts manual and the original manufacturer’s requirements, making it a trusted choice for aircraft maintenance professionals and operators seeking to enhance their safety protocols.

PAG provides robust support for the maintenance and functionality of this essential part. Our comprehensive services include expert overhauls and precision repairs, all performed in our fully equipped in-house workshops. Our team of highly skilled technicians ensures that each discharger, including the 16305, is maintained to perform under the most demanding conditions, upholding the highest standards of aerospace quality and safety. With PAG, you gain access to top-tier aviation components and dependable service, keeping your aircraft systems secure and operational.

  • Part Number: 16305
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