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Sales, Service or Exchange.


Don’t see it here? Call us today for access to over 200,000 in-stock, ready-to-ship line items worldwide. We are dedicated to keeping mission critical, business, military, and defense operators in the air.


Avionics   •   Components   •   Engines   •   Manufacturing/DER Services

General Aviation and Commercial Parts Support


Through our group of companies, PAG serves over 5,000 customers annually in nearly 70 countries with MRO services, off the shelf exchanges, and sales for over 10,000 Fixed and Rotary-Wing aircraft.

Government & Military Parts

PAS Hanger

PAG Companies provide sub-to-prime aircraft parts support  and MRO Services to government, state and local agencies. 

PAG Companies process over 115,000 repairs annually including- avionics, accessories, starter generators, wheels & brakes and other rotable items. PAG is a tier-one MRO Service and Supply Chain provider to the worlds largest operators.

24/7 AOG Support

PAG’s global presence is perfectly complimented with our 24/7 AOG support for our mission-critical operators. A key advantage for PAG customers is their access to expert AOG support throughout the night and early morning hours regardless of time-zone. PAG’s third shift also focuses on building customer relationships in growth regions such as Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. PAG customers enjoy access to:

  • Immediate Service – Sales executives answer the phone 24/7/365 with response times under five minutes.
  • Consistent Component Availability – Strategically located inventory with guaranteed availability.
  • Single-source Solutions – Broad product offerings to help leverage annual spend and fleet support.
  • Global Logistics and Distribution Support – 23 locations worldwide available to ship parts in two hours or less.

Contact our sales team today:sales@ismro.com

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Precision Repair Management (PRM)

Through PRM, we have helped operators reduce downtime and lower direct operating costs by reducing their lead-times and utilizing PAG’s trademarked ISMRO. Talk to us about the benefits of the PRM program:

  • Competitive pricing, rebates and volume discounts
  • Award-winning MRO and AOG services regularly acknowledged throughout the industry
  • 24/7/365 live customer service
  • Guaranteed turn times and deliveries
  • 7 repair stations with extensive MRO Capabilities
  • One-stop shop that delivers lower administrative costs
  • Preferred availability of discounted exchange and loaner units
  • Consistent high-quality and extended warranties using only the quality MRO providers per our auditing standards


Guaranteed Component Availability

With facilities in 24 locations and 20 Repair Stations strategically located around the world, PAG has a 200,000+ line-item  inventory valued at more than $150 million IN-STOCK to Support you.

PAG’s annual sales are more than $400 million, and over half of our business is focused on Supply Chain Service contracts. In order for us to consistently deliver “on time, every time” we continually make investments in maintaining our inventory and MRO Support capabilities.

With facilities in 24 locations and 20 Repair Stations strategically located around the world, PAG has a 200,000+ line-item  inventory valued at more than $150 million IN-STOCK to Support you. Through our global supply chain network, PAG offers an extremely competitive MRO program with multi-site logistics and life-cycle support for a spectrum of Fixed and Rotary-Wing platforms. We call our trademarked service ISMRO, Inventory Supported Maintenance Repair & Overhaul.

Worldwide Logistics Support – 24/7/365

Delivering the right part to the right place at the right time is pivotal to PAG’s business, and we are proud of our extensive freight and logistic operations. With our partners FedEx, DHL and UPS, we handle in excess of 2,600 inbound and outbound shipments weekly. Our sales and customer support teams work closely together to manage customer AOG’s around the clock.

PHP Atlanta Inventory

Administrative & Logistics Advantage: One Supplier, One Location, One Invoicing Address

Not only do you save on administrative costs by having a single supplier, our PRM program gives you flexibility in the way we price and bill you for repair services. You can choose a pricing option and have a say in the repair center used to complete the work.


Assured Quality and Reliability

FAA & EASA Certified

Parts Repaired or Overhauled by PAG are supplied with dual FAA/EASA release and where applicable Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA). Our choice of repair vendors is strictly dictated across OEMs and quality-independent Repair Stations with regular performance board reviews on a range of KPI’s.



Integrated MRO Aviation Supply Chain Solutions

  • Worldwide logistics, distribution and professional customer support teams
  • Diverse MRO capabilities at ten facilities
  • ISMRO® – Inventory Supported Maintenance Repair & Overhaul
  • Volume buying that allows PAG to offer customers the highest quality products at competitive prices
  • Logistics support services, including consignment inventory sales
  • Extensive non-destructive testing (NDT) capabilities and in-house engineering department

 Inventory Supported Maintenance Repair & Overhaul




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