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Smoke Detector

The PPC1200-00, an ambient smoke detector, plays a vital role in aircraft safety systems. Manufactured by Siemens SAS, this component is designed to detect smoke efficiently, activating safety protocols to ensure the well-being of all onboard. This smoke detector is part of a comprehensive safety system that includes sensors, alarms, and control units, all calibrated to detect and respond to smoke presence swiftly. Regular testing and maintenance ensure that the detector’s sensitivity remains high and that it is capable of immediate activation in the event of smoke detection, providing critical response time during emergencies.

PAG provides extensive support for components like the PPC1200-00 smoke detector including comprehensive testing and calibration to ensure optimal performance in detecting potential fire hazards. Our technicians are skilled in handling advanced aircraft components, providing services that extend beyond basic maintenance to include detailed performance analyses and system integration checks. Choosing PAG ensures that your aircraft’s safety systems are always at peak readiness, safeguarding your operations and passengers.

  • Part Number: PPC1200-00
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