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The main wheel assembly, part number 3-1428, is an integral part of the landing gear system for aircraft like the B757-200 and B757-300. This assembly includes both inboard and outboard halves and is crucial for supporting the aircraft during taxi, take-off, and landing. This unit is specifically designed to withstand the substantial weight and stress associated with large aircraft operations. Routine checks and maintenance are vital to ensure its integrity and functionality, which involves detailed inspections of the wheel structure and the replacement of any worn components. Such thorough maintenance ensures that the wheel assembly continues to perform optimally under the rigorous demands of frequent take-offs and landings.

PAG provides expert services for parts like the 3-1428 main wheel assembly, focusing on ensuring long-term reliability and safety. Our comprehensive maintenance program includes detailed inspections and repairs, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of B757 aircraft. By relying on PAG’s specialized services, operators ensure that their aircraft’s landing gear performs optimally, safeguarding against potential failures during critical phases of flight.

  • Part Number: 3-1428
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