23085-001, PAG STARTER/GENERATOR DC Provides torque for engine starting.

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STARTER GENERATOR – Part # 23085-001

Part Number 23085-001, PAG STARTER/GENERATOR DC Provides torque for engine starting.

Generates DC electrical power following engine startup; 28 VDC; 300 ampere-hour.

Models: King Air 300 series

Part Number 23085-001, in certain instances, a unique airframe or engine manufacturer’s part number might be designated to identify this identical unit, originally manufactured by the component OEM. These versatile rotable components find application primarily in light turbine-powered fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

Functioning as a dual-purpose powerhouse, these units are mechanically driven by the engine or Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). Their start function kicks in to provide motorized torque for initiating the engine, seamlessly transitioning into generator mode. In this mode, they typically deliver 28 VDC power within a continuous load range of 150-400 Amps. Embracing an air-cooled design, these units exhibit varying weights, typically ranging between 20 to 50 lbs, contingent on the specific part number.

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  • Part Number: 23085-001
  • Alternate Part Number: 101-369012-11 (SB compliant)
  • Expected to Deliver: As Soon As Tomorrow
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