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Precision Rewind Services (PRS) is a proud Canadian company, capable of performing repairs and modifications to electrical generator subcomponents, used in both civil and military aircraft. The company specializes in the rewind and repair of rotary and static electrical (air and oil-cooled) generator sub-components. On account of our modern 20,000 square foot facility, with over 115 highly skilled technicians, technologically advanced equipment, and engineering knowledge, our operations have been fully approved by DOT/FAA/EASA, and HKAR giving us worldwide recognition.

PAG provides MRO and Supply Chain Solutions for Fixed- and Rotary-wing aircraft. PAG has MRO and manufacturing capabilities in four MRO segments – Avionics, Components, Engines and Manufacturing/DER Services. PAG is dedicated to keeping mission critical, business, military, and defense operators in the air.


Precision Rewind Services strives to lead the Aviation Maintenance Industry and achieve the highest standard of quality and integrity to meet and exceed our customer’s needs by:

  • Offering excellent customer service
  • Reducing turnaround time
  • Providing competitive pricing
  • Promoting continuous improvement
  • Researching and developing the latest technologies

Precision Rewind Services is a highly qualified Canadian company that specializes in the Rewind, Overhaul, Repair and Modification of DC Starter and AC Generator Subcomponents. Precision rewind Services holds DOT/FAA/EASA & HKAR approvals and has received worldwide recognition for our commitment to excellence and service in the Aircraft Industry.

From the moment a part arrives at our shipping & receiving area until it is carefully packed and transported back to our customer, PRS’s computerized production control database carefully monitors every repair in process. Each unit undergoes our “3 pairs of eyes” in-process inspection policy at critical junction points throughout the repair process; i.e., a part is inspected by the repair technician, his or her supervisor and finally a Q.C. inspector. To further ensure excellence, each of our technicians are cross-trained-capable of working proficiently in nearly every department.

PRS provides an excellent source of technical information and maintains very close communications with all of its valued customers in the form of strip reports, procedural updates and shipping confirmation notices.

The Precision Rewind Services Standard

The AC Stator team provides the expertise required to rewind any stator; repair and recondition core laminations, insulations, housings, liners, flanges, terminals and lead wires; as well as install and repair terminal blocks and current transformers.

Highly trained repair technicians disassemble, reinsulate, rewind and repair main rotor assemblies; recondition laminations, insulations, windings and lead wires; repair loose cores, damaged shafts, bands, carriers, diodes and various hardware; perform complex assembly procedures; balance and overspeed as required.

This department can decipher the most challenging wiring schemes and rewind units using gauge sizes of 12 to 38, including: exciter stators, exciter rotors, PMG’s, roundwire armatures, stitch-wound stators, and other various units.

With many years of collective experience, these technicians have developed creative strategies and techniques to rewind and recondition series, interpole, compensation windings and insulations; shim poleshoes; repair leads, main and brush terminals (crown repair), end bell assemblies, housings, and terminal blocks.

From disassembling; re-insulating; installing coils, commutators and rings; to brazing, dipping, undercutting and balancing, our dynamic team of armature repair technicians yields an incredible output of armatures a month.

Our specialty Coils is the one of the reasons for our great quality. Each Coil is crafted to spec. and undergoes through a series of inspections before installed on the units.

Specialized Departments
Our modern 20,000 square foot facility has all the latest equipment, technology, design approval and engineering to ensure the highest standard of quality for our customers.

With over 60 highly skilled technicians, we work meticulously throughout all stages of the Rewind
and Repair process with a commitment to servicing the aviation industry worldwide.

Equipped with the latest instrumentation, tools and sophisticated test equipment, our Q.C./Q.A. department is capable of accurately sampling, inspecting, and testing components to assure that they conform to OEM—defined specifications.

Our qualified engineers are capable of reverse engineering nearly any generator subcomponent. Using sophisticated CAD software, rewind/repair manuals are created, which are then approved by a Transport Canada delegated engineer (D.A.R.). Upon approval, all components are listed in our capabilities.

PRS’s highly skilled and fully certified technicians are capable of performing Nickel, Cadmium and Copper plating processes in accordance with AMS 2451, MIL-STD-865C and MIL-STD-2197. Through the use of computer—driven controllers, our technicians can perform grinding operations within ten thousanths of an inch tolerance.

Through the use of both modern machinery and state of the art computerized automation, our highly skilled technicians can provide a range of precision machining functions including: cutting, milling, boring, tapping, turning and grinding.

We have developed a new, custom—made brazing machine, which can accommodate a range of brazing and soldering applications. Its highly efficient design produces reliable, smooth and uniform joints.

In addition to our Dynamics Research DSP-100 balancing machine, our newly acquired Schenck-Trebel HM2BK machine has doubled our output of precision—balanced rotable components.

Our overspeed capabilities have been recently increased to achieve speeds of up to 45 000 RPM.

Through comprehensive research and development, our engineering team has designed a computer—driven pneumatic coil manufacturing line, which provides a range of process functions including wire feeding, spreading, shaping, cutting, stripping and winding.

Our federal SR & ED Research & Development department presses forward with the latest advances in industry-specific technologies, with the aim of improving existing processes and advancing knowledge within the aircraft industry.


Our modern facility, advanced technology, and highly skilled personnel, we are able to sustain a very large scope of capabilities. Presently, we are capable of repairing a wide range of O.E.M.’s such as: Crane (Adel), Skurka Aerospace Inc (APC), Thales (Auxilec), Honeywell (Bendix, Allied Signal), Dyna-Air, Smiths Aerospace (G.E./ Leland), Safran (Goodrich / TRW/ LSI/ Lucas), Monogram, Bombardier (De-Havilland), Eaton Aerospace (Vickers), Hamilton-Sundstrand (Westinghouse), Technofan and much more… Our aircraft capabilities include commercial, private and military aircraft such as: Airbus, Boeing-series, ATR 42, MD-series, RJ series, Falcon, Bell Sikorski, Canadian Buffalo, Cobra Helicopter, Dash 8, DC-series, Dornier, F-14, F-16, F-18, F-5, Fokker, Hercules, L1011, Lear Jet, , SAAB and many others…

Exchange Inventory
To maximize efficiency and reduce turnaround time, PRS has a large inventory of rewound and certified components in stock, available to our customers for exchange at no extra charge.

Aero Component Support Inc.
Listed on the ILS and Parts Base, ACSI carries a massive inventory of civil and military aircraft products, maintaining a range of capabilities including: DHC-5, DHC-6, B737, B747, B757, B767. With a Hydraulic, Rotable Electric, and Support Division (purchasing, sub-contracting), ACSI is able to proficiently satisfy our customer’s needs.

Policies and Warranties

Precision Rewind Services Statement of Commitment

Precision Rewind Services is committed to ensuring equal access and participation for people with disabilities. We are committed to treating people with disabilities in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence.

We believe in integration, and we are committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner. We will do so by removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and by meeting our accessibility requirements under Ontario’s accessibility laws.

Rewound Units

Precision Rewind Services’ warranty policy covers all complete rewinds to the same extent as the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s new or rewound units.

Repaired Units

When a rewind is not required and a repair is carried out on a unit, Precision Rewind Services. will only be responsible for the specific area of repair against the next complete rewind of the unit performed at our facility.

New Components

Precision Rewind Services’ warranty policy covers all new components to the same extent as the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s warranty policy.

Certification Documents

Certifications, Forms, and Policies

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