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Located in Queensland, Australia, Pacific Turbine Brisbane (PTB) is a specialist engine workshop and sales facility offering tailored solutions for our customers. Our purpose built 30,000 squ ft facility has been fitted out to expertly manage engine and engine component overhauls and repairs.

Specializing in Pratt & Whitney PT6A and Honey TPE331 engines, each engine has a dedicated team and workshop for maximized efficiency and quick turnaround. Along with an on-site test cell and a warehouse stocking over 10,000 line items ready to use, PTB boasts an experienced and highly devoted team of engineers, technical representatives and sales staff to assist with any and all enquiries.

PAG provides MRO and Supply Chain Solutions for Fixed- and Rotary-wing aircraft. PAG has MRO and manufacturing capabilities in four MRO segments – Avionics, Components, Engines and Manufacturing/DER Services. PAG is dedicated to keeping mission critical, business, military, and defense operators in the air.

Welcome to Pacific Turbine Brisbane

PT6A and TPE331 specialist engine workshop and sales facility, offering tailored solutions to our customers.


Our purpose built facility has been fitted out to expertly manage PT6A & TPE331 engine overhauls and component overhauls & repairs.


Global Footprint

Wherever you are in the world, PTB can provide a wide range of customized services suited to your business’ needs.


Test Cell
Our Test Cell provides our Australasian customers with the latest technology for testing their engines.

PT6A Engine Parts

We understand aviation and can therefore offer a variety of options to our customers, whether they need new, exchange, or repaired parts, we can assist immediately.

Exchange or Sale
  • Fuel Control Units (FCUs) and Fuel Pumps
  • Start Flow Control Valves (SFCs);
  • Propeller and Over-speed Governors;
  • Oil-Fuel Heaters, Bleed Off Valves (BOVs);
  • Ignition Excitors, Starter-Gen, Gear-shafts, etc;
Consumable Part Kits
  • Hot Section Inspection (H.S.I.)
  • Fuel Nozzle Installation
  • Starter-Generator Gear replacement
  • Exchange Fuel Nozzle Kits
  • Combustion Liners, Large Exit Ducts
  • Igniter Plugs, Ignition Leads
  • Inlet Screens, Oil / Fuel or Air Tubes and Pipes
  • Control linkages
  • Seals, Packing ‘O’ Rings, Gaskets
  • Plugs, Caps and Elbows / Unions etc

Company Profile

Pacific Turbine Brisbane – Located in Queensland, Australia

Currently Pacific Turbine Brisbane manages nearly 250 PT6A and TPE331 engines on programs worldwide for a diverse range of businesses.

The principle activities of Pacific Turbine Brisbane include:

  • Specialist repair and overhaul of PT6A and TPE331 turbine engines in our dedicated Brisbane facility;
  • Managing the repair and overhaul of engines at third part overhaul shops on behalf of its customers
  • Trading in spare parts for various engines and aircraft including but not limited to PT6A, PT6T, Arriel 1/2, TPE331, King Air, Twin Otter, Embraer, and Air Tractors.
  • Long-term engine and aircraft management that providing customers with a guaranteed efficient, expert and timely service for all their engine and aircraft needs.
  • Each service program is tailored to the unique needs of the customer and is built to ensure significant commercial benefits and peace of mind.
  • Managing repair/overhaul and trading in various engine and aircraft components and parts; and
  • Short and long term aircraft, turbine engine and turbine engine component rental, leasing and financing.

Company History
PTB Group Limited (“PTB”) was established in 2001, when it was incorporated to acquire the Brisbane assets of Pacific Turbine Pty Ltd ACN: 079 166 653. It focused on providing services in relation to the Pratt & Whitney PT6A and Honeywell TPE331 light turbine engines.

In October 2006 the Company announced it had acquired the aircraft and associated parts of the UK companies, Emerald Airways Ltd and Emerald Airways Engineering Ltd, for approximately $16.25 million.

In December 2006 the Company moved from the NSX to the ASX. In conjunction with this move the Company issued 2.5 million shares at $2 each to raise $5 million. This followed capital raisings totaling $7.9 million earlier in the period to fund part of the IAP Group and Emerald assets acquisitions.

In June 2007 a USD 40 million financing and rental fund was created with debt provided by an Australian financial institution. The purpose of the fund was to acquire and refurbish a diverse array of aviation assets for resale or lease. By this time, PTB Emerald had also refurbished and delivered one of the ATP and three of the HS748 freighters to European customers.

Prime Turbines became a proud member of Pacific Turbine Brisbane (PTB) Group in 2020, adding to the Australian-based aviation part sales and services company’s capabilities along with locations in Brisbane (Australia), Pacific Turbine USA (Miami), and International Air Parts (Sydney). The addition of Prime Turbines expanded PTB’s MRO services global presence in the PT6A, PT6T, and TPE331 engine markets.

Pacific Turbine USA

PACIFIC TURBINE USA commenced trading in February 2016. PTUSA’s office is located in Miami, Florida, USA. PTUSA operates as an extension of the Brisbane location in the USA. PTUSA offers Global support with its primary focus on North America, South America, and the Caribbean.

The 11,000 sq ft warehousing facility is operated by a small team which has over 85 years of combined experience with PT6 engines and components. This knowledge along with a trove of 30,000 hard-to-find parts and components allows PTUSA to get you back in the air quickly and safely.

PTUSA is committed to its customers with a team that dedicates and prides themselves on excellent customer service and rapid response. AOG support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The principal activities are:

  • PT6A & PT6T Part sales
  • PT6A & PT6T Engine sales
  • PT6A & PT6T Engine long term leasing
  • PT6A & PT6T Engine overhaul/repair management
  • PT6A & PT6T Engine rental support
  • PT6A & PT6T Engine component overhaul/repair management


Email: sales@pacificturbineusa.com

Address: 12005 SW 130th St #301, Miami, FL 33186

Phone: +1 786 409 0011

PTUSA is proud to be ASA-100 Approved.  Click here to view all of our certifications.

Local Contact Information

Brisbane Facility

22 Orient Ave

Pinkenba QLD 4008, AUS

+61 7 3637 7000

AOG: +61 7 3637 7043

Sydney Facility

12 Mars Rd

Lane Cove West NSW

2066, AUS


Miami Facility

12005 SW 130th St

Suite #301

Miami, FL 33186

+1 786 409 0011


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