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EFIX Aviation Support is a MRO certified by ANAC, EASA, Brazilian Air Force, Brazilian Army, Brazilian Navy, in addition to being qualified as a supplier of Helibrás and Embraer

Electrical & Electronics

EFIX develops solutions for maintenance in searchlights, wiring, water boilers, coffee makers, ovens, DC motors, among other customer needs.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic

EFIX has the capacity to maintain landing gears, wheels, brakes, hydraulic actuators, hydraulic jacks, cargo hooks, among other items for several aircraft models.

Non-destructive testing

EFIX is qualified for the Non-Destructive Testing of Liquid Penetrant, Eddy Currents, Magnetic Particles and Ultrasound.

Starter Generators

EFIX has capability for overhaul of starter generators of several models of helicopters and airplanes.


EFIX performs tests on several models of emergency batteries, and Nickel-Cadmium batteries.


In addition to fuel transfer pumps, EFIX also repairs fuel cells.


All details are taken care of in the finalization of the product.


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