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EFIX is a Maintenance Organization certified by ANAC and EASA focused on serving all civilian and military operators, with airplanes and helicopters.

EFIX has the capacity for Electrical & Electronic accessories, including Batteries and Generators, Hydraulic & Pneumatics, including landing gears, Non-destructive Tests and Radio, among others.

PAG provides MRO and Supply Chain Solutions for Fixed- and Rotary-wing aircraft. PAG has MRO and manufacturing capabilities in four MRO segments – Avionics, Components, Engines and Manufacturing/DER Services. PAG is dedicated to keeping mission critical, business, military, and defense operators in the air.

Strategic Location – Condominium Industrial São José dos Campos, at Rua Ambrosio Molina, 1090 – Eugenio de Melo São José dos Campos, SP – Brazil – CEP 12247-00, close to 136 exit of Rodovia Dutra, towards São Paulo.

We are in São José dos Campos-SP and serve all of Brazil and abroad.


Including, Starter Generators, Hydraulic actuators, Batteries, Landing Gears, Search Lights, Water boilers, Wheels and Brakes
Antennas, and more


EFIX Aviation Support is an Aeronautical Maintenance Organization, a reference in the Brazilian market in maintenance of the most diverse aeronautical components of commercial aircraft, general aviation and Defense.

EFIX Aviation Support is a MRO certified by ANAC, EASA, Brazilian Air Force, Brazilian Army, Brazilian Navy, in addition to being qualified as a supplier of Helibrás and Embraer.


EFIX Aviation Support’s top priority is to support in-flight safety for its customers. This commitment is reflected in all the company’s activities, from the inspection of receipt of the parts to the approval to return to the services of the components.

EFIX provides Aeronautical Maintenance Services with Technology, ensuring Reliability and Quality above all, through the technical development of its employees and compliance with the applicable legislation in force.

Local Contact Information


Rua Ambrósio Molina, 1.090

Eugênio de Melo – 12.247-000

São José dos Campos, SP – Brasil


+55 12 39051088

+55 12 9.96493415




Safety and excellence in services.

We have Passion and Enthusiasm for aviation, Commitment and Consideration to all,

With integrity and ethics in relationships.

Respect and Team Spirit.

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