Industry Leading Turnaround Times

EDN prides itself on our industry leading turnaround times, AOG support, and highly competitive pricing. We support each customer with a full complement of service representatives and production planning staff. The charter of the customer service staff is to assure prompt response times, expedited problem solving and open lines of communication.

With firm roots in general and commercial aviation, we continue to support all project scales. We offer discounted rates for complete cockpit refurbishments, whether it’s an entire fleet of 777’s, or a single engine Piper, your job will be handled with the utmost care and precision.

Integrally Lighted Panels

The EDN core product and specialty is repairing and refurbishing integrally illuminated panels and overlays. We offer all lighting options including NVIS, LED, Incandescent and Electroluminescent films. All panels are repaired and refurbished in accordance with our FAA and EASA approved Standard Practice Manual and released with Return to Service Tags (FAA Form 8130 / EASA Part 145 Form 1). Our quality assurance department is staffed with highly qualified professionals operating annually calibrated, precision measuring and test equipment.

In the market to purchase a used aircraft? Looking to sell your old plane? A complete cockpit refurbishment is an extremely cost effective way to increase your aircrafts value, or make your used plane look and feel like new.

Instrument Panels

EDN offers multiple service options for Large Instrument Panel refurbishments and modifications. We can modify your existing panel to accommodate new avionics, as well as refurbish your existing one to look and feel like new. Our large scale precision CNC’s can accommodate panels up to 60 inches.

Planning on converting your King Air to a “glass cockpit”? Give us a call or submit an RFQ, we’re here to help!

Push-Button and Indicator Repairs

Unique to EDN Aviation, we can refurbish your pushbuttons and annunciators! Cracked lenses, burned out lights, and faulty switch contacts are no problem. We currently repair most ACP buttons and indicators for major air carriers.

Signage and Placards

We can repair and refurbish all placards and signage for your aircraft. Exit signs, “No-Smoking”, seatbelt indicators, and custom plated placards are all within our capabilities.

Yokes and Control Sticks

We have full refurbishment capabilities for your worn out yokes, control sticks, and collectives. Applying our unique processes and specialized engraving techniques, we can make your controls look and feel like new. Pilots are physically connected to their aircraft through the controls, let us ensure that connection is flawless.

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