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JT15 Parts Capabilities

Engine Type Component Part Number
JT15 Stator, Compressor, Support 3018532
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3018960
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3018961
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3018965
JT15 Housing, Impeller 3020366
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3021759
JT15 Shroud, Low Compressor, Inner 3022656
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3023760
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3024061
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3024062
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3028210
JT15 Shroud, Low Compressor, Inner 3030695
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3031584
JT15 Shaft, High Compressor 3031585
JT15 Shaft, High Compressor 3036592
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3036962
JT15 Shaft, High Compressor 3037144
JT15 Housing, Bleed Valve 3037248
JT15 Housing, Impeller 3037249
JT15 Housing, Impeller 3040954
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3041695-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3041713-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3042003-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3042004-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3071081-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3075175-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3100860-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3102833-01
JT15 Housing, Impeller 3104622-01
JT15 Housing, Bleed Valve 3104623-01
JT15 Housing, Bleed Valve 3104624-01
JT15 Shaft, High Compressor 3104715-01
JT15 Stator, Shroud Compressor, Inner 3104935-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3104962-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3106561-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3106761-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3106965-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3111350-01
JT15 Housing, Bleed Valve 3112316-01
JT15 Housing, Impeller 3112318-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3112447-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3112448-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3112961-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3113061-01
JT15 Housing, Impeller 3114745-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3114854-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3114855-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3115759-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3115760-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3116190-01
JT15 Housing, Bleed Valve 3116308-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3118293-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3118294-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3118489-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3118490-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3118491-01
JT15 Housing, Impeller 3118509-01
JT15 Housing, Bleed Valve 3118510-01
JT15 Housing, Impeller 3118547-01
JT15 Housing, Impeller 3118548-01
JT15 Housing, Bleed Valve 3118794-01
JT15 Shaft, High Turbine 3118994-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3119263-01
JT15 Compressor, Shroud Low, Inner 3119265-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3119437-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3119493-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3119726-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3119731-01
JT15 Compressor, Stator 3119739-01
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