March 28, 2023

Atlanta, Georgia – March 28, 2023.  – Precision Aviation Group (PAG) is a leading provider of products and value-added services to the aerospace and defense industry worldwide. With 20 Repair Stations, and over 850,000-square-feet of sales and service facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil, today announced a series of organizational changes to align leadership resources with current business needs.

“PAG’s investments, organic growth and acquisitions since our founding have always been focused on four MRO segments – Avionics, Components, Engines, and Manufacturing/Sub-Assembly/DER Services.  In July of 2021, we made a strategic decision to realign our company structure to help our current and future customers better understand the depth and breadth of PAG products and services offerings.” said David Mast, President and CEO of PAG.

“PAG has grown to the size and scale that it requires a broader team to manage the Company.  We are fortunate to be able to elevate people who have been key contributors and leaders in businesses from all over the world to their new roles,” Mast said. “I am pleased to announce the following organizational promotions.”

Vice President, Component Services – Jordan Webber: Jordan joined PAG in 2012 to greenfield PAG Australia.  He has served in various leadership roles in Australia, Canada, and Singapore – and most recently as Vice President and General Manager – Australasia/Canada.  Jordan has relocated to the United States to oversee PAG’s Component businesses. He will retain his current responsibilities while also leveraging the resources of Trace Aviation, Precision Rewind Services (PRS), and EFIX Aviation Support to grow PAG Component service offerings.

Vice President, Avionics Services – Dan McDonald:  Dan joined PAG as part of PAG’s acquisition of Velocity Aerospace in November of 2021.  He has served in various leadership roles at Velocity for the last eight+ years.  Dan will continue to oversee the three Velocity businesses in California and Florida.  He will be adding Precision Display Repairs (PDR) business to his responsibilities, as well as focusing efforts to expand and grow PAG’s “Next Generation” capabilities for our Avionics businesses.

Vice President, Technical Services – Avionics Services – Mark Stemwedel: Mark joined PAG as part of the PAT acquisition in 2011 where he was their Vice President and General Manager – and subsequently became the President of PAT.  Mark will continue to oversee the PAT facility in Long Beach, CA, and will collaborate with business unit leaders across the company to identify new capabilities for the Avionics segment and lead the creation of an “Engineering Center of Excellence” at PAT that supports the continued growth of all our Avionics facilities.

Vice President, Engine Services – Keith Stringer: Keith began with PAG as the Director of Sales for our Lafayette, Louisiana facility in 2012 and is currently Vice President and General Manager – PAG Louisiana/Aviation Parts Group.  Keith’s sales/technical experience in Engine and Engine related products will allow him to retain his current responsibilities and lead Keystone Turbine Services (KTS) and Precision Aviation Controls (PAC).

Vice President, Marketing – Josh Cherfoli: Josh joined PAG in December of 2022.  Prior to joining PAG, he held various marketing positions at The Georgia Aquarium, Home Depot, Porsche North America and Porsche Financial Services, as well as several marketing agencies. He is focused on delivering marketing programs designed to improve brand engagement and customer experiences through traditional, social, and emerging media platforms.  Josh earned his undergraduate Marketing degree from Michigan State University and his Master’s in Communications from Purdue University. 

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PAG is built on the trust of our customers, and our team members are an important part of our successful, growing business that is committed to customer service. We’ve built our legacy on our ability to respond and deliver the highest quality.

At PAG, employees get the exchange of talent, experiences, and resources of multiple companies all while working for one. With 22 Repair Stations, and over 900,000-square-feet of sales and service facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil – PAG’s 24 locations and customer-focused business model serve aviation customers through Supply Chain and Inventory Supported Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (ISMRO®) services. PAG is one of only 11 companies, outside of OEMs, to collectively hold all FAA certifications.

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