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Unrivaled Landing Gear Support

At Precision Aviation Group, we are committed to providing extensive landing gear support with unmatched expertise. With years of experience and specialized knowledge, we provide comprehensive services to ensure your landing gear is in top condition. Our expertise spans everything from retractable landing gear systems to individual components like shock absorbers and pinion gears. 

King Air Landing Gear Support with Trace Aviation

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Comprehensive Landing Gear Services

Providing comprehensive exchange and overhaul services, our expert technicians use advanced techniques and high-quality parts to restore your landing gear to optimal condition. We conduct thorough inspections and preventive maintenance to prevent unexpected failures and extend the service life of your gear. Whether it’s a nose wheel or a main gear, our services meet the highest standards of safety and performance. 

Landing Gear Sets

Our Landing Gear set includes all components required to complete the 6-year/72-month Special Inspection requirements per Chapter 5 of Beechcraft King Air Maintenance Manuals and Chapter 32 of Component Maintenance Manuals. Ready-to-ship sets available to ship within 30 minutes.

  • Main / Nose Landing Gear: 
  • Drag Brace / Drag Leg
  • Shimmer Damper
  • Piston and Axle Assembly.
  • Landing Gear Box w/o Motor.
  • Main Landing Gear Shock Absorber:
Engine Turbine MRO
landing gear maintenence

Swift and Efficient Support Process


PAG’s dedicated landing gear specialists are ready to ship essential parts, such as gear kits and components, within 30 minutes of your request. This minimizes downtime and keeps your operations running smoothly. Our prompt shipping ensures you get what you need fast. From maintenance of the gear parts to the installation of heavy-duty components, we streamline the entire service delivery process.

Global Network and Availability

PAG’s global network of facilities and partners ensures quick and effective support for landing gear parts and services anywhere, anytime. We support various models, including King Air and other aircraft spruce. We are committed to providing round-the-clock support for all your landing gear needs, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted. Our services cover everything from routine inspections to emergency repairs of camper jacks and landing leg systems.

Frequently Asked Questions


Phase Inspection: A tolerance of ± 20 hours is allowed. Each phase inspection must be completed within 20 hours of the prescribed time.

Special Inspection Items: Calendar Date Limited: A tolerance of ± 12 days per 12 calendar months is allowed, not to exceed a total of 60 calendar days.

Special Inspection Items: Flight Cycle Limited: A tolerance to ± 10% is allowed.

Special Inspection Items-Hourly Limited: A tolerance to ±10% is allowed.

Overhaul and Replacement Items: No tolerance allowed

Charge backs are mostly unknown until we inspect your returned core components. In most cases, we can give you a ballpark estimate based on your past experience and normal wear items. We can discuss these items with you before you order your exchange components.

Upon inspection of your core landing gear components, there may be additional charges for discrepancies that are beyond the scope of a normal overhaul. Due to the many variations, dynamics, complexity, age, and history of each landing gear system, until your cores go through our inspection process, we can only estimate as to what you may expect in bill backs.

Quality Parts: Rather than replace condemned parts with only factory-new, our staff subscribes to online inventory websites to find cost effective replacement parts and pass the savings to you.

Failure to return all original hardware with core components can result in bill backs. Charge Backs will also occur upon finding missing, corroded, or cracked parts and parts worn beyond allowable limits. (Bushings, standard hardware excluded).

Shipping us your gear

We can either send you a box or you can tie everything to a pallet and build a box around it. For shipping, you can use your freight company or we can supply you with prepaid shipping documents—check with us on this as we have reasonable rates with FedEx and other freight carriers.

Sending gear to you

Our shipping process is as quality as your landing gear. We pack your overhauled components so they’re safe and sound in a foam base that wraps and cushions the gear for a smooth delivery to your shop

Core Deposit
Core deposit may be required. Contact us for more information.

Attach Hardware
Since all of our overhaul/exchange components come with new or freshly cad-plated attach hardware, we ask that you return all of your attach hardware with your landing gear.

Component Descriptions & Illustrations
90/200 Gearbox & Mechanical Actuators available upon request.

Landing Gear Illustration available upon request.

Beechcraft King Air Landing Gear

Partial Capabilities List – All parts are built per aircraft specification, serial number, and configuration



























King Air 90 Landing Gear Box

King Air 90 Landing Gear Motor

King Air C90A Nose Landing Strut

King Air C90A Nose Landing Gear Drag Brace

King Air C90A Main Landing Gear Strut

King Air C90A Nose Landing Gear Drag Brace

King Air C90A Main Landing Gear Strut

King Air C90A Nose Landing Gear Drag Brace

King Air 200 Landing Gear Box

King Air 200 Landing Gear Motor

King Air 200 Nose Landing Gear Strut

King Air 200/300 Nose Landing Gear Strut

King Air 200/300 Nose Landing Gear Strut

King Air 200/300 Nose Landing Gear Drag Brace

King Air 200 Main Landing Gear Strut

King Air 200 High Flotation Main Landing Gear Strut

King Air 200 Main Landing Gear Drag Brace

King Air 200 High Flotation Main Landing Gear Drag Brace

King Air 300 Main Landing Gear Strut

King Air 300 Extended Range Main Landing Gear Strut

King Air Mechanical Nose Actuator

King Air 90 Mechanical Main Actuator LH

King Air 90 Mechanical Main Actuator RH

King Air 200 Mechanical Main Actuator LH

Part of PAG's Component Services

Trace Aviation specializes in the exchange/overhaul of landing gear components for all Beechcraft King Air and Airliner models. Trace Aviation provides the support you need per aircraft serial number, from configuration, all the way down to the cotter key. All hardware included.

Ask about our Exchange Program designed to minimize your downtime. We also provide innovative upgrades to overhauled components and King Air procurement worldwide, saving you time and money without sacrificing quality and value

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