Precision Heliparts, Inc. Purchases Division of Dallas Airmotive

  • January 3rd, 2005

Precision Aviation Group, Inc., announces the purchase of Precision Avionics & Instruments, an FAA Component Repair Station, from Dallas Airmotive/BBA Aviation. Precision Avionics & Instruments (PAI) becomes the third member of Precision Aviation Group, joining Precision Heliparts, Inc. (PHP) and Precision Heliparts Canada, Inc. (PHC). The purchase of PAI will bring their combined revenues to $18 million USD annually and give Precision Aviation Group a solid base for expansion into the fixed wing market.

According to Scott James, Marketing Director for Precision Aviation Group, BBA Aviation no longer considered PAI to be a strategic fit in their group of aviation companies. One of PAI’s core competencies has been supporting turboprop aircraft used by regional airlines and domestically ERJ and CRJ regional jets have largely displaced these aircraft. Oddly enough, this exodus of turboprop equipment from the U.S. enhanced PAI’s value as a strategic partner for Precision Heliparts, Inc.

“About forty percent of our helicopter business is international,” says Scott. “and you need to understand that international operators, especially outside of Canada or Europe, are different than here in the U.S. Here in North America and Europe the aviation market is highly developed and operators usually specialize in one class of aircraft operations ” regional, corporate, general aviation or helicopter. There is some crossover, but typically you don’t see something like a regional airline operator who also has helicopters. Overseas it is different, they frequently integrate aircraft types. For example we have a Middle Eastern customer with DHC-8s and helicopters; we have a Pacific Rim customer with an Emb120 Brasilia, two Twin Otters, a Kingair 200, and helicopters. The Beech Kingairs in particular are widely used with a number of helicopter operators. Add to the list piston utility twins like Cessna 402s, Piper Pa31s and large single Cessna 206/207s and Piper Saratogas. You get some very eclectic mixes.”

Precision Aviation Group, Inc. is wholly owned by David B. Mast, W. Scott James, and other investors.

About Precision Aviation Group

Precision Aviation Group (PAG) is a leading provider of products and value-added services to the aerospace and defense industries worldwide. With 20 Repair Stations, and over 850,000-square-feet of sales and service facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil – PAG’s 23 locations and customer-focused business model serve aviation customers through Supply Chain and Inventory Supported Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (ISMRO®) services.

PAG provides MRO and Supply Chain Solutions for Fixed- and Rotary-wing aircraft. PAG has MRO and manufacturing capabilities on over 100,000 product lines in four MRO segments – Avionics, Components, Engines and Sub-Assembly/Manufacturing/DER Services.

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