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Precision Heliparts

Contact Us

Av. Onófrio Milano
186, Sala 103
Jaguare, São Paulo
CEP 05348-030

Local: 55.11.4186.6116
Alternar: 55.11.98120.6514
Toll-Free: 1.800.537.4140
Fax: 404.768.9006
AOG: 404.218.5777

Precision Heliparts is supported by Precision Accessories and Instruments, a Certified Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Association (EASA, former JAA) Repair Station.

Vendor Audit File
Please fill out the Vendor Audit (.doc) and email it to byarbrough@ismro.com or fax it to: Attn: Brandon Yarbrough – Chief Inspector at (404) 767-5900.

Please include of copy of the following:

  • Air Agency Certificate and Operations Specifications
  • Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan certification statement approved by the FAA
  • EASA Certificate if applicable.

Av. Onófrio Milano

186, Sala 103, Jaguare, São Paulo, Brasil CEP 05348-030

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55 11 4186-6116