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Precision Aviation Group offers ‘Starter Generator 101’ program for its strategic partners and valued customers

  • January 22nd, 2011

January 22, 2010 Atlanta, GA – Precision Aviation Group (PAG) and its subsidiaries — Precision Heliparts and Precision Avionics & Instruments — announce the institution of a new maintenance support program, “Starter Generator 101,” as part of an effort to provide continuing support to its customers in the aerospace industry.

PAG’s “Starter Generator 101 is designed to educate customers’ field support staff in what to look for during regularly scheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance for starter generators saves time, money and prevents possible warranty issues.

Maintenance, repair and overhauls account for 11 percent of aerospace industry costs, according to several industry studies. The new program can be facilitated through a live internet feed, or if feasible, a visit from a PAG starter generator expert. PAG technicians have more than 400 years of combined MRO experience in the aerospace industry.

“In these economic times, productivity is paramount and downtime needs to be avoided,” said Scott James, PAG Managing Director. “Starter Generator 101” provides another tool for maintenance workers in the field. We are constantly seeking better ways to serve our customers’ needs, introduce new efficiencies and reduce their MRO costs. The idea is to help maintenance support workers identify potential issues and avert them, saving the customer money and time.”

About Precision Aviation Group

Precision Aviation Group is a leading provider of products and value-added services to the worldwide aerospace and defense industry. With 12 Repair Stations, and over 450,000-square-feet of sales and service facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil – PAG uses its distinct business units and customer-focused business model to serve aviation customers through two business functions – Aviation Supply Chain – and its trademarked Inventory Supported Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (ISMRO®). 

PAG provides MRO and Supply Chain Solutions for Fixed- and Rotary-wing aircraft through: Precision Heliparts – PHP (www.heliparts.com); Precision Aircraft Services – PAS (www.pas-pag.com); Precision Accessories & Instruments – PAI (www.precisionaccessories.com); Precision Heliparts Canada – PHP-C (www.heliparts.ca); Precision Accessories & Instruments Canada – PAI-C (www.precisionaccessories.ca); PHP-Instruments & Accessories – PHP-LA (www.heliparts.la); Precision Heliparts – Latin America (www.precisionaviationgroup.com/php-br); Precision Aero Technology – PAT (www.precisionaerotechnology.com); Precision Heliparts – Australia – PHP-AU (www.precisionheliparts.com.au); Precision Accessories & Instruments – Australia (PAI-AU) (www.precisionaccessories.com.au); Precision Heliparts Singapore (PHP-S); and Precision Aviation Controls, Inc. – PAC (www.precisionaviationcontrols.com). PAG subsidiaries have MRO capabilities on over 35,000 products, including accessories, avionics, engine components, hydraulics, instruments, NDT, starter/generators, and wheels/brakes (www.precisionaviationgroup.com).

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