Precision Accessories & Instruments (PAI) Promotes From Within for Top Repair Station Job

  • July 7th, 2014

Atlanta, GA –July 7, 2014 – January 2014 marked the 21st service anniversary for David Scarbrough at PAI, a Precision Aviation Group (PAG) company, and the month he was promoted to the top repair station job – Repair Station General Manager. Scarbrough now manages the day-to-day operations of 40 technicians within six shop areas, a piece parts department and an Engineering department.  He is responsible for ensuring that all Repair Station work is conducted within FAA guidelines, and works closely with PAG’s 4 other Repair Stations.

“We named our company ’Precision’ because our technicians are craftsmen, doing very intricate work with precision tooling, and we live in an Industry that demands precision,” says PAG President and CEO David Mast says. “Precision is what determines the quality and safety of our work, and David personifies Precision.  We’re proud that David’s accomplishment demonstrates the career path PAG has worked hard to build for young technicians, who can advance through mentoring and our internal training programs.”

The PAI training program takes a technician through Level 1 Entry, Level 2 Intermediate, Level 3 Experienced, Senior and then Master Technician. Master technicians work with new hires on a daily basis until they are qualified to work on their own.

“Every new technician is mentored by three or four people,” says Scarbrough. “In the repair station, managers don’t manage from an office; they manage on the shop floor. They spend time answering questions and giving instruction, the same way I was trained years ago. When you work here, you never stop learning and growing.”

Before joining PAI in 1993, when he was a teenager, Scarbrough had worked as a service technician at Atlanta Regional Airport–Falcon Field, fueling airplanes and assisting mechanics. He was always examining the airplane parts and thinking about how everything worked together. From the day he arrived at PAI, he took every opportunity to build a career.

“Working here is a career, not just a job,” says Scarbrough. “Like me, many employees have been here over 20 years. It’s not a revolving door. You have the opportunity for growth, and you are encouraged to take responsibility. We are always looking for talented, capable people who want a stable career going into the future. And it’s a rewarding job knowing you are supplying an important service that lives depend on.”

Scarbrough learned the PAI business by working for years in each of the main repair areas, including the pneumatic shop, the gyro shop and the instrument shop. In 2003 he earned his Repairman license to become an Inspector certified by the FAA. In 2006 he was promoted to Repair Station Manager before advancing to the position of General Manager this year.  “The most rewarding part of the work is that we have such a good team,” says Scarborough. “I’m very proud that the PAI repair station is considered a model for the industry.

PAI is based in Atlanta adjacent to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL).  For more information about PAG and its technician training program, please visit www.testwebonline.com/pag_web.

PAI is a Precision Aviation Group Company.  Precision Aviation Group (PAG) is a leading provider of products and value-added services to the worldwide aerospace and defense industry. With nine locations and more than 185,000-square-feet of sales and service facilities in the United States, Canada and Australia, PAG uses its distinct business units and customer-focused business model to serve aviation customers through two business functions – Aviation Supply Chain – and its trademarked Inventory Supported Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (ISMRO®).


PAG provides MRO and Supply Chain Solutions for Fixed and Rotary-wing aircraft through: Precision Heliparts – PHP (www.heliparts.com); Precision Aviation Services – PAS (www.pas-pag.com); Precision Accessories & Instruments – PAI (www.precisionaccessories.com); Precision Heliparts Canada – PHP-C (www.heliparts.ca); Precision Accessories & Instruments Canada – PAI-C (www.pai-canada.com); PHP-Instruments & Accessories – PHP-IA (www.heliparts.com); Precision Aero Technology –PAT (www.precisionaerotechnology.com) and Precision Aviation Group Australia PTY LTD – PHP-AU.  PAG subsidiaries have MRO capabilities on over 21,000 products, including accessories, avionics, hydraulics, instruments, NDT, starter/generators and wheels/brakes (www.testwebonline.com/pag_web).


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