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Our Capabilities

Sales, Service or Exchange.

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3 shops located in Long Beach, CA; Atlanta, GA; Peachtree City, GA

  • ADFs
  • Audio Controls
  • Audio Controls Panels
  • Autopilot Components
  • DMEs
  • GPS
  • HSIs/ Radar Altimeters
  • RMIs
  • Radars
  • Static Inverters
  • Transponders
  • VHF Comms
  • VHF Nav Receivers 

and many more!

Wheel & Brake Shop


5 shops located in Brisbane, AU; Atlanta, GA; Lafayette, LA; Vancouver, BC; Long Beach, CA

We offer brakes and wheels for fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

  • Goodyear
  • B.F. Goodrich
  • Meggitt
  • Cleveland

Starter-Generator Shop


5 shops located in Brisbane, AU; Lafayette, LA; Atlanta, GA; Vancouver, BC; Long Beach, CA 

Our starter-generator shops in Atlanta and Vancouver service more than 3,000 starters annually using state-of-the-art test equipment, parts, and procedures. PAG companies are Goodrich Authorized Repair Center.


  • AP
  • Auxilex
  • Bendix
  • Goodrich/Lucas
  • Thales

Gyro & Pneumatic Shop


2 shops located in Atlanta, GA; Peachtree City, GA

  • Gyros
  • Horizons, Air & Electric
  • DGs, Air & Electric
  • Autopilot Gyros
  • Turn Coordinators
  • Remote VGs
  • Remote DGs
  • Rate Gyros
  • Pilot/Static Instruments
  • Airspeeds
  • Altimeters
  • VSIs & IVSIs

Instrument Shop


3 shops located in Long Beach, CA; Atlanta, GA; Peachtree City, GA


  • Battery Temp Indicators
  • Cabin Press Indicators
  • Cabin Temp Indicators
  • Dual Tachs
  • EGTs, ITTs, TOTs
  • Fuel Press/Oil Pressure Fuel 
  • Fuel Quantity Indicators
  • Fuel Signal Conditioners
  • HSIs
  • RMIs
  • Rotor Tachs
  • Triple Tachs
  • Torque Indicators
  • Voltmeters
  • Transmitters

Accessory Shop


5 shops located in Brisbane, AU; Atlanta, GA; Lafayette, LA; Vancouver, BC; Long Beach, CA

    • Starter Generators
    • Generator Control Units
    • Lights
    • Linear Actuators
    • Power Supplies
    • Blowers
    • Tach Generators 
    • De-Ice Valves
    • Engine Accessories
    • Fuel Accessories


Government & Military

PHP and the PAG Group of Companies provide sub-to-prime aircraft spares and component repair services to state agencies, worldwide government/military operations and flight management system (FMS) customers.

PHP processes thousands of avionics, accessories, instruments and other rotable items for repair annually. Precision provides “tier-one” services on more than 36,000 for military aircraft.

Fixed-Wing Aircraft Supported by the PAG Group of Companies

  • Hawker Beechcraft C-12 Huron
  • Shorts C-23 Sherpa
  • Lockheed C-130 Hercules

Assured Quality and Reliability

FAA & EASA CertifiedAll PAG parts are supplied with dual FAA/EASA release certification and, where applicable and appropriate, Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) and other National Aviation Authority (NAA) release certification. Our choice of repair vendors is strictly regulated across OEMs, operator and quality-independent repair stations with regular performance board reviews on a range of measures. Each repair station has the ability to switch supplier by part number to ensure quality.


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