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Our Team

  • Juan Giraldo

    Juan P GiraldoDirector de Ventas - Latino America

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    Juan oversees sales, inventory and stock repair operations for PAG’s Latin American and Caribbean markets. He joined PHP in 2001, and quickly rose within the company. His passion and drive has led to continuing growth of PAG’s presence within many Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions.


    Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Juan was born and raised in Latin America. Before relocating to the United States, he worked for NCR Corporation as an Account Manager and for the American Embassy in Colombia. As a Procurement Agent, he managed purchases for the Narcotics Affairs Section Aviation Project for Plan Colombia, and received a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding contributions in the field of drug law enforcement from the DEA.


    Juan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising from Institución Universitaria Politécnico Grancolombiano. He also earned the rank of Eagle Scout by age 16 and received the “Daniel Isaza” National Award for Best Scout in Colombia. His passion for soccer still thrives, and he actively participates in an indoor soccer league. 

  • Marcelo FarahGerente de Cuentas Regional

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      55 11 98120-6514
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  • Christian MedinaGerente de Cuentas Regional

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